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10 Things The Bride Needs To Know About Wedding Photography

Imagine yourself 30 years from now, with her now fiancé already as her husband, with white hairs, and you both enjoying a nostalgia alone, remembering the wedding ceremony. On that day, you'll realize how much it was worth investing in photography, how much to find a good photographer who knows how to record good times was a job that paid off (besides the money, of course!).

Great wedding photographers know that. They take the work incredibly seriously, and want to make sure they will make the best photos of that special day. One of these talented photographers, Van Middleton, gave the ISO 500px site some precious tips for brides to make the most of this moment. Here's what he has to say.

Silhouette of bride and groom. | Photo: Van Middleton

Your marriage is about you. Do whatever you want

The rules are made to be broken. Do not feel constrained by family traditions. Do what you want on your wedding day.

If you choose to have a wedding party, take time away from the party alone with your photographer. The bride and groom may feel embarrassed if they are having a moment of intimacy with their friends around. As a photographer, there is nothing worse than trying to record that magic, the romantic warmth of a couple when the godparents are near. Or if the bridesmaids want to offer well-meaning advice and tips well then the photographer so much make those photos he spent days planning.

A marriage is about you and your partner. Everything else is important, but secondary.

"The world under their feet" |

Good photos take time.

Good pictures rarely happen in 20 minutes. So take plenty of time to do them. There may be great locations very close to the ceremony but there are often places on the road or in the city that can help make your wedding photos even more special.

Think of it as a break from the guests and the family, and enjoy yourself.

"Fiji Love" | Photo: Van Middleton

Prepare yourself somewhere quiet and pleasant, and try to keep the place clean

Preparation time can be stressful, and it can be doubly stressful if the place is crowded by a lot of (well-meaning) people. Try to cut the crowd, so you can relax a little, and so your makeup artist and photographer can do their job. Also, be aware of all packages of chips and bottled water that may be scattered around the place. It is not always easy to shoot them later.

Photo: Van Middleton

Your dress will probably get dirty

If you are unconcerned about it, it will be much easier to stay calm when this happens. Dresses and shoes are expensive but you will not want to worry all day with them. Your photographer can take you to some tricky locations. These beautiful images of newlyweds strolling in the sunny fields and wandering in old barns did not happen by magic - you can go there and get muddy, and climb one or two fences. If you want of course.

You can always choose to take your photos in the local garden. But be realistic about the end result. It is also fun to leave to do this late in the evening, and it is much easier to do this when you are not worried about beer or wine spilled on your dress.

Photo: Van Middleton

Photo: Van Middleton

Consider banning iPhones, iPads, etc. in the ceremony

iPads are already particularly horrendous, but any camera phone held in the air during the ceremony - especially at the most inopportune times - are bad for wedding photographers. It's not too much to ask people not to take pictures of the ceremony. Instead, invite them to simply enjoy the occasion.

"Love" | Photo: Van Middleton

Make a family list, and keep your photographer abreast of any familiar issues that may arise

Your photographer does not know your family, so it helps a lot if they have a list for when they take the family photos. Make them aware about divorces and / or deaths - this can help you avoid some embarrassing times. Most photographers will ask for this information before the day, but it is worth already leaving it ready if the professional does not ask.

"Wedding on the beach" | Photo: Van Middleton

Choose the right photographer and throw away any photo list

It's okay to show photographers what kind of images you would like to have in your wedding, to give them some examples, but micro-managing a photographer, giving a huge list of all the pictures you want can become a bad idea.

To be creative, the photographer needs freedom. Every couple, every place, every moment is different, and it is the photographer's job to capture them as they happen. It is not good to want to make an image of a place and a different time, and made by someone else. The last thing a photographer needs is to look at lists and pinterest photos wedding ceremony to make sure he has already done all the items you asked for. In the time it takes to review these details, you lose what is really happening.Choose the professional well, to give him creative freedom, and also trust him.Picture: Van MiddletonLight is everythingLuz can help or disrupt your photos so it is important to try to plan your wedding to give your photographer good places to photograph. At the end of the day is the best time for your wedding photos, specifically the hour before sunset. Try not to plan your photos in the middle of the day, or early in the afternoon. Unless it's cloudy, you're asking to have problems. Schedule with strong sunlight = lots of shadows. Also, if you are planning an outdoor ceremony, consider the sun. It will be very difficult to arrange a piece of shade on your face, and the walk from the sunlight to the shade to the altar is a scene of very complicated light differences for any photographer to manage. If you will have a first dance / bridal waltz with your partner, be sure to allow yourself a little time alone on the dance floor. Enjoy this time. It is a minute or two that you should enjoy, alone, and one of the moments to make beautiful photos. If your guests flood the dance floor too soon, you may miss out on a magical image that could be treasure for you for the rest of your life. "Dance With Me" | Photo: Van Middleton Enjoy Your Day - Your Photos Depend On ItMarkets are stressful, and some brides have planned that day their entire lives. But when the day comes, do not worry about the details. Things will go wrong - this will always happen. Your task now is not to strive over minutiae, and seize the day as it unfolds. Be happy. Smile. Make things slow down and enjoy every moment. But especially, enjoy the company of your new husband / wife. This is the first day of the rest of your lives. Happiness = irradiation of good energies = beautiful photos of the marriage. A check of the matter of the IPhoto -marriage